You don't really need your own domain name to order hosting. If you don't have one then you can get one at or ask us to help you get one or you can get a name on one of our domains. When you order your hosting we will tell you where to direct the DNS or do it for you.


Websites start at $150 Australian but vary with what you want on them or want them for. We need to get information from you on what you want in order to work out a price. For a basic small website with hosting it starts at $300 Australian all up. Generally a website takes a lot of communication between us and you so its not really possible to order one online. Of course you don't have to purchase hosting from us to order a website made if you already have somewhere to put it.


We can host your website for you if you don't already have somewhere to put it. We also offer some hosting packages with control panels for those that already have a site and need somewhere to store it.

Package Deal

If you need the works. Website and hosting.

Other stuff - Extras

If you need a forum setup or themes made or banners or anything else this is where to go. We also will host Active Worlds object paths.


If you just want somewhere to put your website and have your own domain name already then click the hosting button.